2017-03-29 08:30:23

Parcl Website Update: Shopper Protection Badges Added

Online shopping is a tremendously fast-developing industry. It’s not surprising that besides honest businesses that try to bring real value to their customers, there are many dishonest individuals or even companies that may try to steal customer money. Unfortunately, package forwarding is not an exception.


At Parcl we do our best to ensure shoppers’ safety and protect their transactions. This is the reason why we selected PayPal over other payment options. PayPal offers great shopper protection, which means that if a forwarder registered at Parcl does not provide the services they got paid for, PayPal will investigate the case and refund the payment to the shopper.


We took a good look at the order processing mechanism and realized that shoppers may simply not be aware that their payments are protected by PayPal and Parcl. So shopper protection badges have now been added to order processing pages.


We understand how important it is to know that your money will not be stolen by scammers. If you ever notice any suspicious activity at Parcl, please let us know right away at partners@parcl.com.

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