2017-04-25 12:40:23

Offer Attractiveness Rating Added

In addition to the Approximate Cost feature recently introduced for Parcl shoppers, we decided to implement an Offer Attractiveness rating for forwarders. Now, when a forwarder goes to fill out their offer info, they can immediately see whether their offer is expected to look good to the shopper. The higher the attractiveness rating, the better the chances that this offer will be accepted by the shopper.


The feature calculates approximate services and shipping costs based on previous orders and compares the estimates to the costs specified by the forwarder before the offer is submitted. If the amounts specified by the forwarder are higher than the estimates, the offer attractiveness is rated lower and the forwarder is recommended to lower the costs. If the services and shipping costs fall into the estimated range, the offer attractiveness is rated high, which means the forwarder can go ahead and send the offer.

If you are registered at Parcl as a forwarder and regularly make delivery offers, please check out the new feature and let us know if you believe the estimates are inaccurate. We would also appreciate it if you could share your ideas on how to improve the feature. Thanks!

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