2017-05-18 11:30:43

Delivery Offer Form Update: Additional Fees Field Added

Package forwarding at Parcl is not limited to shipping from one country to another. It may include a range of complementary procedures and expenses, such as the forwarder’s services, communication with the store, local delivery, local taxes, etc. When making delivery offers, Parcl forwarders need to foresee all expenses and include them in the offer. We noticed that expenses such as in-country shipping, sales tax and similar were being added on to the ‘Purchase assistance’ fee, which gave Parcl shoppers the wrong impression of how much forwarders were making.


To help forwarders better inform their customers of all costs involved in getting their order, we’ve added the new ‘Additional fees’ field. From now on forwarders can specify all additional expenses in the ‘Additional fees’ field when making a delivery offer. If there are any additional fees, forwarders will clarify what these costs include in the comments section on the offer page.

If you are registered at Parcl as a forwarder and regularly make delivery offers, please check out the new feature. Thanks!

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