2017-05-29 12:34:01

Delivery Offer Form Update: Automatic PayPal Fee Calculation Added

We are continuing to improve the forwarders’ delivery offer form. A couple of weeks ago we added the new ‘Additional fees’ field to help forwarders better inform their customers of all costs involved in their order processing. To make the costs breakdown even clearer for shoppers, we’ve added automatic PayPal fee calculation.


Originally, order total did not include the PayPal fee. The fee was displayed only when the shopper was redirected to the PayPal payment page. For shoppers it might have looked like a ‘hidden fee’. To fix this problem, we decided to automate PayPal fee calculation. Now the PayPal fee is calculated in real time when the forwarder fills out the delivery offer form. PayPal fee accounts for 4.4% of the order total plus $0,3 transaction fee.


If you are registered at Parcl as a forwarder and regularly make delivery offers, please check out the new feature. Thanks!


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