2017-06-04 21:15:14

Parcl Service Update: Forwarder Network is Growing

This spring Parcl has welcomed a few dozen great forwarders. What is especially awesome is that these forwarders come both from popular shopping destinations such as the USA, the United Kingdom or Germany, and from the less common ones, such as India, Portugal, Singapore, Egypt, China or Canada. When Parcl was launched, we only had a couple of forwarders in those countries, but now the selection is quite a bit wider.


At the moment we have 315 package centers and provide package forwarding from:

  • the US,

  • the UK,

  • Germany,

  • France,

  • Japan,

  • Italy,

  • Sweden,

  • China,

  • Australia,

  • Singapore,

  • Canada,

… and 66 other countries.


It’s always great to open new shopping destinations and have new forwarders register at Parcl. If you feel like helping shoppers get their buys delivered from your country worldwide, please feel free to join Parcl as a forwarder. And if you need help with shipping from a foreign store, you know what to do :) Head to Parcl.com and order a personalized delivery from the store to you!

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