2017-08-20 13:44:30

Parcl Website Update: Achievement Awards Mechanism Added

Do you remember that pleasant feeling when, after completing a particular RPG quest, you received an achievement badge or item? Some of us may have been more obsessed with collecting various achievement trophies than with finishing the game! We remember it, which is why we decided to bring that feeling to Parcl!  


To reward both shoppers and forwarders for reaching a certain place within the Parcl community, we designed a system of Parcl Achievement awards. Users get trophies for meeting certain conditions. For example, a shopper who successfully completed an order containing multiple items, gets a ‘Smart shopper’ award. If you are a shopper, check out the full list of awards here. If you are a forwarder, you can see the list of forwarder awards here.


Each award was designed with love. We really hope you will like our idea and will have fun collecting the trophies:)

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