2017-11-20 09:28:06

Important Update: Parcl Points Recalculated

Last spring we introduced a new Parcl points system, designed to motivate users to take required actions and do their best while processing delivery orders. When we implemented this mechanism, we intentionally didn’t take any previously completed orders into consideration. This meant that users, who had been active before this system was introduced, didn’t get points credited for all successfully completed orders. We decided to recalculate the points so that each user’s points count included all completed deliveries.


Each order completed before the new system was introduced gives users 50 Parcl points. Additionally, each Parcl Achievement award now adds a specific amount of points to the award recipient’s points total.


If you have been using Parcl for a while, you will most likely see your points total adjusted now: review your Parcl points balance from your account.

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