2017-11-30 22:10:11

Order Processing Update: Extra Fee Request Option Added

Package forwarding is a business where you need to be flexible and adaptive to new circumstances. Sometimes package weight turns out larger than originally estimated, in some cases shoppers want to add extra services or extra items after the payment has been made. We understand this, as well as the fact that forwarders need to cover these unexpected costs.


To allow forwarders to request additional fees through Parcl, we decided to introduce an additional payment request option. With this option users don’t have to cancel their original orders to add services or items. What’s even more important, shoppers can make these extra payments without leaving Parcl. Additional payment will be added to the order, which will allow forwarders and Parcl moderators to keep track of all order-related transactions and have better control of money flows. 


If you’re using Parcl as a forwarder, try to be very specific when requesting additional payment and please do not overuse this option. If you notice any issues with the new feature, please don't hesitate to let us know at

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