2017-12-22 06:07:25

Forwarder Update: ‘Temporarily Unavailable for New Orders’ Feature Added

For many forwarders registered here at Parcl, shipping packages is not their main activity. A majority of them are people who simply have spare time and want to help international shoppers get goods that are not available in their countries. Just like any one of us, they have situations when they are not able to offer their services. These situations may include traveling, high workload, medical conditions or other personal circumstances. Knowing this, we decided to give our forwarders an option to temporarily stop receiving new delivery requests.


A forwarder’s account is available for new orders and visible to new shoppers by default. If for some reason you would like to take a break and temporarily stop receiving new delivery requests, you can simply go to account Settings and select the ‘Temporarily unavailable for new orders’ option. This way your account will not be shown to new shoppers when they choose forwarders for their orders. You will be able to continue processing any open orders you might already be working on. To start taking new orders again, you will need to turn the ‘Available for new orders’ option back on.


We hope this new feature will help Parcl forwarders avoid stressful situations and Parcl points deductions.

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