2018-01-16 06:16:59

Parcl Website Update: New User Levels Introduced

A few weeks ago we introduced a new user assessment system based on the Parcl points users collected and ratings left for the user by other community members. The feedback we received demonstrated that the system was not intuitively clear and did not show user position at a glance.


To solve this problem, we created User Levels - an ultimate user assessment indicator, that combines the user’s Parcl points, rating, and Parcl Achievement awards. Right from account registration, every user gets involved in collecting Parcl points and moving up the ‘levels ladder’. To get to higher levels, users need to collect Parcl points, maintain high ratings, and receive Parcl awards for their actions. We hope you will like the new level badges designed to add some fun and game spirit to your Parcl experience!

If you have (or are planning to create) a shopper account, please find the new levels mechanism description here. If you’re using Parcl as a forwarder, you can learn more about the forwarder levels here. If you have any ideas or suggestions for making Parcl a better place, or you noticed that something doesn’t work the way it should, please share your thoughts with us at We are always happy to hear from you!

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