2018-02-07 06:18:50

Parcl Service Update: Typo Reporting Feature Added

A few days ago we finished translating Parcl into Spanish, French, and German, and introduced the new language versions of the main website pages. Translating such a large amount of text was a tough challenge, and, unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that the translated content is 100% correct in terms of grammar and word choice. Sometimes the text may not make much sense to a native speaker who is familiar with Parcl. Sometimes it may not look so good on a page, such as when the English text on a button is 10 characters long, while the German version may have 25 characters.

Since our team’s language is English, we are unable to find and fix all typos or inconsistencies in other languages. But our users from France, Germany and Spain can! We really count on native speaker users to help us fix any typos or other content errors to ensure a smoother Parcl experience for everyone. To help them report any type of text-related errors, we added the typo reporting feature to the Parcl website. Now, to report a typo or any content error, users need to select the text to be reported, press Ctrl+Enter, and click Send in the pop-up that appears. We will receive the report and fix the reported error.

If you speak German, Spanish, or French, we would really appreciate it if you could take a look at the translated pages and let us know if you discover any translation errors using the new error reporting tool.

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